This is basically a commercial of cone that is produced by Aether.


Cone-Strength and Weakness


•Simple, sleek design – small and movable

•Minimalistic interface – facilitates use

•Allow consumers to minimize time spent browsing through music/creating playlists, thus increasing productivity

•Further innovation is expected to be accessible through software updates (such as multiple user recognition)


•Will not always be 100% correct about what “you are thinking” as consumer preferences change daily – also applicable to its automatic volume feature

•Data collection is required before setting up the playlist

•Would require more data to be collected in order to be 100% sure of consumer preferences

•Need Wi-Fi for setting a playlist which cannot be use outside of  individual’s house or apartmentImage




★Cone is a thinking music player, which plays audio from streaming music services, Internet radio stations, and podcasts all with a simple turn of a dial.

★Cone costs $399.

★The first batch on Cones will be ready to buy in early Summer 2014.

★The first batch of Cones will be black and copper. White and silver will be available in the year.

★Height: 6.3 in. Width: 6.3 in. Length: 6 in. Weight: 2.9 lbs.

★Cone is built-in with rechargeable Lithium ion battery that can hold for 8 continuous hours.

★Wi-Fi connection.

★Woofer plus dual tweeter design for natural stereo envelopment.